Corona Virus Got You Bored?

Now that most of us are doing our “social distancing” thing to help fight the Corona virus, here is a way to help pass those long hours with nothing to do. How about putting together a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle of one of my scenic photos? Pictured below are two available products I am […]

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Marketing 2016 Report Card

In an earlier post , I discussed my marketing thoughts and goals for 2016. Now that 2017 has begun, it is time for my marketing report card. My goal simply is to get my artwork in front of as many different pairs of eyes and at as many levels of viewer participation as possible with the […]

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My Top 12 Images From 2016

This year my best images came as a result of my recent travels. These included Paris, Palm Springs, and Southern Italy. I had no major projects this year. Paris Our trip to Paris was mostly about the family with which we traveled. This is especially obvious as seen in the image below. This one is […]

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Indian Canyons, Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Jayne and I visited Palm Springs , California, recently. What follows are brief impressions of the desert-like experience. The first hike we did was exploring the Palm Canyon  at the Indian Canyons  preserve. As was typical of our desert experience, the rocky hills and mountains would give way to an incredible oasis of palm trees and […]

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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree

During a recent visit to Palm Springs, California, Jayne and I explored Joshua Tree National Park . It is here that the Sonoran  and Mojave deserts  meet… …containing a forest of strange Joshua Trees and a number of unique rock formations called Inselbergs . The famous San Andreas Fault  bounds the south side of the park. The […]

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