The Wedge 2 At Newport Beach, California


In the Editor’s Comments to LensWork issue #125 , Brooks Jensen made some interesting observations I want to share. Pursuit of the unique becomes so seductive that we can easily be misled into thinking that uniqueness itself is the route to artistic virtue. What a great quote and an easy trap into which to fall.  As […]

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Paris, France

Parisian Impressions

As a final look at our recent trip to Paris, I have put together a gallery of black and white impressions that I feel best summarize our experience. There is nothing more important than family, and to have ours accompany us was a special treat with memories that will last a lifetime. From an artistic […]

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Burlington, Connecticut

Marketing Thoughts

I recently received an unsolicited email that gave me reason to pause and reflect. A designer of women’s clothing randomly stumbled upon my artwork and invited me to design for them. As it turns out, according to their website information, they solicit artists from around the world to place their artwork on women’s clothing, specifically […]

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Our Parisian Adventure Final

I will finish this series of blog entries with some general Parisian scenics. Napoleon’s Tomb . Gargoyles on Notre Dame . Grand Palais Paris . Locks of Love . Some panoramas: from Sacre-Cour. Champs-Elysées  from the ferris wheel . Orsay Museum  from the ferris wheel. And of course the Eiffel Tower .. My trip favorite.. I hope you enjoyed my eight-part tour of […]

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Our Parisian Adventure 7

What trip to Paris would be complete without a visit to Versailles ! Begun by Louis XIII in 1623, the chateau began as a hunting lodge in brick and stone. It was enlarged into a royal palace by Louis XIV. The court of Versailles was the centre of political power in France from 1682, when Louis […]

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