Great Mosque, Córdoba, Spain

New Solo Exhibition

I am privileged to have a solo exhibition at the PhotoSynthesis  gallery in Manchester, CT. I will be sharing my “Moorish Influences”  intimate Spanish architecture series which was featured in LensWork  magazine a while back. The Opening is set for Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 5-7 pm. The show will be exhibited from March 12 […]

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My Top 12 Images From 2015

I have often heard the merits of doing a personal image review of the past year in photos. This is the first time I formally went through this exercise. It has provided for me a sense of validation and confirmation. Validation and Confirmation In glancing through my results, I have indeed confirmed my routine and […]

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My eBook Review: “VisualFlow by Ian Plant

To this point in my artistic education, I had not found one encompassing source of the building blocks of creative visual design, especially as it applies to photography. Sure, there are lots of in-depth articles on certain facets of design that can be found on the internet, but not all in one, easy to read […]

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Latest Travel Updates: Our Last Hikes In Arizona

The first of our last two hikes in Arizona was to Chicken Point . Supposedly, the name is due to the Pink Jeep tour operators playing “chicken” with the cliffs edge! After hiking out to Chicken Point, we took a side trail to Submarine Rock . This location is also a favorite among mountain bikers . If you’d like […]

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Latest Travel Updates: Grand Canyon Revisited

With our latest return to Sedona, Jayne and I also wanted to revisit the Grand Canyon . As luck would have it, of course, the day we decided to go turned out to be rainy, cold, and overcast. In fact, as we got closer to the South Gate, the temperature continued to drop, and the rain […]

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