Scott Kelby Reloaded

Recently, I attended a local presentation of the 2015 Scott Kelby Live Reloaded tour . In addition to wanting to learn something new, it was a chance for me to experience firsthand a seminar taught by Scott Kelby himself. I was interested to see and hear what kind of teacher he is and if I could […]

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Finding An Audience

I am tired of looking at the dvd backup “tombstones” of my work lining the selves in my basement. Or looking at the archived boxes of “test prints” over the years taking up space in the filing cabinets in my studio. Certainly, making art for art’s sake and never sharing it may be satisfaction enough […]

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The Wedge

Catching the waves has always been a long time California tradition and rite of passage. During a recent trip to Southern California, Jayne and I roamed the Balboa peninsula  in Newport Beach  and stopped to visit the surfing area known as “the Wedge ”. The weather was sunny and in the 80’s so we thought it […]

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Wolcott, CT

Tool and Die: The Last Sessions

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I have been spending the last few months engaged in a new photographic series. This series attempts to celebrate the concept of “Made In The USA” as highlighted through the day to day operations of the National Die Company , a small tool and die […]

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Made In The USA 22

Tool and Die: Session 5

This next session was spent with Warren, the Quality Assurance person. Quality is very important to the Shop, which is why they were ISO 9001:2008 certified . This certification must be renewed every three years. Annual audits review the Shop’s manufacturing procedures and testing records. Warren says they are dedicated to following the policies, procedures, and customer specifications […]

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