Explorer Of Light

How can light change the way that a person views a commonplace object? This is a question my friend and photographer Stan Marchut has been asking ever since he picked up a camera. An object in the wrong light is just another object that the eye sees and dismisses once it is recognized. But put […]

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In The Cloud

Recently, I decided to commit to Adobe’s latest cloud package deal. This plan calls for a monthly subscription that includes both Lightroom and Photoshop and Bridge, as well as a few other “freebies”, like access to Behance. There has been a lot of controversy over cloud subscriptions on many of the popular photography forums like […]

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Lowell Industrial Park

When my friend and fellow photographer Stan Marchut proposed we do a road trip to the Lowell Industrial Park to shoot the mills there, I had no idea that there even was such a thing as an industrial national park. What a treat it was to take a step back in time to learn about […]

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Sometimes, you need to take a break from project work and just let your creative eyes to have some unstructured fun. This serves to re-kindle the basic joy in discovery photography. The goal here is to react and connect with a new location in a very low-key, emotional way. During a recent trip to Lowell, […]

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During a recent visit to Mystic Seaport, I re-kindled my joy of viewing history and pretending to be in that historical moment as Jayne and I walked around. I was not expecting to do much other than record some history. It was a hot summer day and I handheld my camera which made for some […]

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