Palma, Majorca, Spain


In an effort to draw more interest into the various dimensions of my visual arts, especially my project work, I am offering items on my Shop/Free Stuff! menu above to you and anyone else for free. Yes, that’s right free! The offered ebooks contain travel photos captured during the many travel destinations my wife Jayne and […]

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More Books!

To accompany the release of my latest project series, Just Another Day, I am excited to be offering my newest softcover book and ebook for sale! Below is a summary of my project… Aside from life’s extremes, most of our lives are pretty mundane: another job to do; another game to play; another boring day to […]

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Paris, France

Just Another Day

We have all taken pictures and portraits of people for a variety of reasons: for family, or vacation, for work or for play. Many times we glance at the captured image and then file it away in an album or somewhere on social media. We rarely look at it again. But why is that? Are […]

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Product Movie Photography

As part of my recent product photography work, my client asked me to produce a machine video which showcases the various processes their shop offers their potential customers. Again, this was something I had never done before. I was up to the challenge to get a taste of what is required. The project was small […]

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Product Photography

In an attempt to further explore the boundaries of my comfort zone, I recently took on a Product photography project. Pushing those boundaries has been for me a great way to learn new techniques and explore new creative potentials. My friend’s tool and die shop, National die, is redoing their website. They asked me if […]

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