Lowell Industrial Park

When my friend and fellow photographer Stan Marchut proposed we do a road trip to the Lowell Industrial Park to shoot the mills there, I had no idea that there even was such a thing as an industrial national park. What a treat it was to take a step back in time to learn about one of the important birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution. After walking through the expansive area to get a feel for the layout, we decided to concentrate our remaining time photographing the weaving machines in the Boott Mill Weave Room. These machines were fun to photograph.

Here is a picture of the weave room.

Boott Mill Weave Room

The picture below is a shot of a machine in operation.

Weave machine

This next pictures show examples of some of the textiles these machines produce.

Textile 1

Textile 2

You can view a short video of this mill here.

You can view the rest of this gallery here.