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In an effort to draw more interest into the various dimensions of my photo art, I am offering the items below to you and anyone else for free. Yes, that’s right free! BUT, please, be nice! Nothing contained within these promotional items may be manipulated, altered, or used in any form without prior written permission from me.

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Moorish Influences LensWork Interview, 2014

Moorish Influences
Listen to my interview with Brooks Jensen, the editor of LensWork Magazine from LensWork Extended #115.

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Trilogies Commentaries, 2022

Listen to the two minute commentary of Brooks Jensen, the editor of LensWork Magazine, regarding my Trilogies, 2022 submission.

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Moorish Influences Gallery Talk, 2016

View the first twenty minutes of my artist talk at the PhotoSynthesis Gallery from April, 2016 about my project, Moorish Influences!
With the movie running:
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Moorish Influences Artist Talk Excerpt

Product Photography Movie Clip, 2017

As part of my recent product photography work, my client asked me to produce a machine video which showcases the various processes their shop offers their potential customers. View the 22 second composited movie of the six clips below.

You can read about how I did this here.