The Allegories

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Moorish Influences, 2nd Edition

*** Featured in LensWork Magazine, Issue 115 *** Visitors to the province of Andalusia in southern Spain will immediately notice the beautiful Moorish architecture of many of its ancient mosques, palaces, and fortresses.

Arrangements, 2nd Edition

*** Featured in Black & White Magazine, Issues 101, 103 *** My project is simply a celebration of the sense of awe I experienced during visit to the Sydney Opera House.

The Journey Of La Quinceañera

My wife, Jayne, and I recently had the honor and privilege of attending and participating in the Quinceañera. The fiesta de quince años is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. *** Selections here were published in LensWork Trilogies 2022.

The Monsters Of His Mind

In 1547, Prince Vicino Orsini commissioned work to begin on a park filled with twenty-four natural bedrock-sculpted art pieces based on grotesque figures of mythological origin.

National Die: Made In The USA

What is it like for a product to state that it is “Made in the USA”? What does this really mean, especially in today’s economy? Is this just a cliche?

Cross-Sections, 2nd Edition

For more than twenty eight years, I worked a cross-sectioned life in a cube consisting of three sides with six-foot high colorless partitions.

Just Another Day, 2nd Edition

Is today, just another day? Or did we wake up this morning with some particular purpose or intent?

End Of The Line, 2nd Edition

*** Featured in Black & White Magazine, Issue 104 *** What is it about forgotten places that some people find irresistible?

Affecting The Effects, 2nd Edition

How does a rainforest survive the pace of human encroachment? Is a rainforest even worth saving when land resources are rapidly vanishing?

A Visit To The Shire, 2nd Edition

At the end of October, 2018, my wife, Jayne, and I visited the Hobbiton movie set situated on a family run farm near Matamata, in Waikato, New Zealand.

Ancient Passageways, 2nd Edition

What was on the other side? This may be a simple question to ask, but it is one that engages the imagination and often invokes wild flights into fantasy. The collection of works presented here attempt to entice the viewer to ask and then answer this very question. All of these are based upon passageways, from ancient to medieval times, which were captured during my travels through Europe.