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Gazing At Glazings

We take windows for granted, don't we? After all, aren't they just architectural elements of design? They are portals to allow light, air and sound to pass through. But, they can also be gateways into history with a sense of mystery.

A Matter Of Perspectives

Recently I viewed the Netflix series “Medici: the Magnificent”. The family is well-known for its support of the arts and humanities during the Renaissance in Florence which made it the cultural center of Europe. As a result, I became inspired to want to share some images of mine as a brief celebration of the Florentine Renaissance.

2016 Connecticut Electoral Vote

2016 Connecticut Electoral Vote, Hartford State Capitol


Colorful abstract scenic inversions

The Monsters Of His Mind

In 1547, Prince Vicino Orsini commissioned work to begin on a park filled with twenty-four natural bedrock-sculpted art pieces based on grotesque figures of mythological origin.


Ireland Scenics


What is it about forgotten places (especially ones with vintage vehicles!), that some people find irresistible?

Tectonic Majesty

Grand Tetons Images

The Soul Of The Matter

The Essence Of Things


Abstraction Images

Andalusian Dreams

Andalusia, Spain Images


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Black And White

Black and White Images


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Dolce Dolomites

Dolomites Images


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New Mexico

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