In The Cloud

Recently, I decided to commit to Adobe’s latest cloud package deal. This plan calls for a monthly subscription that includes both Lightroom and Photoshop and Bridge, as well as a few other “freebies”, like access to Behance. There has been a lot of controversy over cloud subscriptions on many of the popular photography forums like Luminous Landscape, etc.

For me and my past and current ways of performing digital darkroom processing, it just makes sense. Here are the reasons.

I have always used Lightroom and Photoshop as the main elements of my image processing. I had Lightroom since version one and Photoshop since version 6.0. I plan to continue using these two programs for the foreseeable future.

I always upgrade to the latest versions of these two products as soon as new releases are made available. Having been a computer professional for many years, I know the drawbacks and advantages of being on the cutting edge of software releases and updates. I was often the one programming those releases and updates for my employer. That said, I always felt the advantages of the updates, for me, worked out for my workflow.

The price of this new subscription is supposed to be “etched in stone”, and remain the same price “forever”. Ten dollars a month is similar to a fine art photography magazine subscription. I also realize that nothing lasts “forever”, but I am willing to take that chance.

There are three new features in Photoshop CC that caught my attention and enticed me to take the cloud plunge: Camera shake reduction, new Smart Sharpen, and the 3-D toolset.

Time will tell if this was the best decision. But in any event, I am committed.