End Of The Line

Since 2008, I had visited three abandoned mills in my area. This was part of a study of mine to explore the impact of time on textures, shapes, and form. My efforts evolved into a new black and white series called End Of The Line.

I have always been fascinated by the sense of history portrayed in these forgotten places shrouded in mystery. Within these mills, people often spent the best years of their lives trying to earn a living to support their families and their sense of career. Each mill is more than just its corridors, compartments, equipment. The life energy of management and laborers alike was needed to advance the life cycle of each mill to its termination.

To add emphasis to some of the historical or mysterious elements within each image, I chose to exaggerate or distort the presentation. As part of my Allegory framework, each image attempts to present and then pass along its part of the series storyline.

I have recently published this series in a book which can be viewed and purchased below.

End Of The Line
Photo book

My statement about this work can be found on my website here.