Personal Milestone

As any artist will tell you, it takes time to develop your creative eye, your style, and your identity. I believe that it literally takes a lifetime. With any journey, there are always peaks, valleys, and plateaus. One of the purposes of this blog of mine has been to document my progress along this road of creativity. From its start in 2004 to this present moment, I have worked hard to learn and develop the necessary skills I need to enjoy my passion.

One of the most difficult challenges an artist must face is seeking and receiving constructive feedback. How else do you grow as an artist if you can’t learn from your mistakes or your successes? Too often it is the sound of silence that is received. Silence to me means the same as a negative response, but without the all-important reason why.

So what is my personal milestone? I was recently notified that I won my category in the Black and White Magazine Single Image Contest 2014. The image below also appears in the annual Single Image Contest December issue 101 which will hit the newsstands in December. Then, at some point during 2014, I will get my own Spotlight page article in an upcoming issue along with my winning category image. At this point, I have no idea which one won.

Arrangements 5
It can be argued that this was a lucky win, and I suppose in some respects that it is. I, however, choose to view this as a qualified validation for all of the dues I have been paying since I became serious about my art in 2004. I have subscribed to this magazine for years and I devour each issue, cover to cover, each time I get it. My dream has always been to one day be featured in such a prestigious fine art magazine as this one. I understand that you are only as good as your last image, but for now, this is my personal milestone, and one which I will treasure forever.