The Andalusian Chronicles: Granada

On Day 3, we took a bus tour to Granada .

granada 1

We did this because it was the only way we could gain entrance to the number one visited site in all of Spain: the Alhambra ! Entrance tickets are usually sold out as the tourist season advances.

granada 2

The Alhambra was the last Moorish stronghold before they were driven out of Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella. It was both a palace and fortress complex constructed in 889. This UNESCO World Heritage Site  exhibits the country’s most significant and well known Islamic architecture .

granada 3

granada 4

granada 5

granada 6

Below is a glimpse of the Generalife 

granada 7

… and its wonderful gardens and fountains.

granada 8

granada 9

By then end of our walking tour, my back had had enough, but I felt like I had captured a lot of the architecture to work with in future projects.