The Andalusian Chronicles: Ronda

Jayne and I drove to our final Spanish destination, the hill top town of Ronda .

To get there, Jayne drove, due to my problem with heights, the 20 kilometers of switchbacks up 750 meters above sea level. We originally were going to tour the Rock of Gibraltar, but local guides and the hotel agreed that if we had to pick one last destination, the pretty town of Ronda should be on our short list.

ronda 1

We entered the old part of the town and began walking through the sights.

ronda 1a

ronda 2

This part of the old town was small but very quaint with lots of shops!

ronda 3

ronda 4

Religion plays a major role in the town, as well.

ronda 5

ronda 6

Jayne had fun shopping and managed to buy some nice remembrances of our trip to Spain. This is the last installment of the Andalusian Chronicles. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed visiting them!

granada 7