The Andalusian Chronicles: Seville

Our next stop was the capital and largest city in the Spanish provence of Andalusia: Seville . Here we toured two more of the UNESCO Wold Heritage sites .

seville 1

The first site we toured was the third largest church in the world, the Seville Cathedral .

seville 2

We were able to see why this church is the third largest in the world, once we got inside.

seville 3

seville 4

We saw the enclosed remains of Christopher Columbus!

seville 5

Finally, we went to the top of the cathedral’s tower to get a glimpse of the top of the church and the surrounding city.

seville 6

Once outside, we walked past some picturesque street scenes.

seville 7

seville 8

Below is a typical outdoor restaurant with pricing in Euros.

seville 9

Our final stop of the day was the Alcazar of Seville , originally a Moorish fort.

seville 10

The interior once again was a striking example of the Moorish architecture.

seville 11

seville 12

As with many of the other Alcazars, meaning “citadel” in Arabic, this one also had its gardens and fountains.

seville 13

The Alcazar eventually was converted into a palace.

seville 14