Another Milestone

This article marks the ten year anniversary of the start of my photo artistry rebirth.

In 2004, I decided to get serious about my photography and bought a new camera, a Canon EOS 20D . As a result, by July, 2005, I started writing a blog in order to help me remember what I was learning. I wasn’t afraid to document my failures as well as my successes. People tend to learn best from their failures, and I sure had and still have my share of these! To me, this proves that you are not afraid to learn and to experiment with some new process or technique or, more importantly, with some new artistic project.

It has been a long, sometimes frustrating, sometimes satisfying, journey. I learned who I was, then forgot myself, then rediscovered myself. No matter how high the highs, or how low the lows, were, I always got my self back to the main reason why I do what I do: passion! I can’t imagine a life without photography or photo artistry. It’s the first thing I do everyday, and the last thoughts I have at the end of the day.

And now that I am retired, what better way to spend your day than on something for which you have a passion!

My first blog article was on a photography forum website called “photozo”  which still exists today. There were and still are some very talented, helpful people there who were also very patient with a new be like me back then. Thanks guys for all of your help and support! You can read my first article here . If you want to read through those early years, click here  for the archive and flip through the page index at the bottom.