Utah Scenics: Cedar Breaks National Monument

Recently, Jayne and I visited several of the national parks in southern Utah. We flew into Cedar City and stayed at Cedar Breaks Lodge  in Brian Head . This lodge is at 9000 feet and part of Brian Head Ski Resort .

On our first full day of fun, we drove to Cedar Breaks National Monument  for a sunrise shoot, only about five miles from where we stayed. The elevation was 10,400 feet and we felt the thinness of the air as we set up for the light. This national monument is very similar to the formations at Bryce Canyon National Park, but more eroded.

It was fun to watch the progress of the sun’s rays as it broke over the rim of the canyon and lit up the various hoodoos.

Cedar Breaks 1

Cedar Breaks 2

We then continued our drive along the rim, stopping at various other lookouts.

Cedar Breaks 3

Cedar Breaks 4

Cedar Breaks 5

At one lookout, we decided to take a short three mile hike to see Alpine Pond . The walk was easy, except for the thinness of the air. The pond was worth the hike.

Cedar Breaks 6

We continued our drive, ending up at an overlook to Panguitch Lake .

Cedar Breaks 7

Finally, we drove up to the summit of Brian Head Peak  to enjoy the local vistas. On the peak is an observation hut.

Cedar Breaks 8

Cedar Breaks 9