Utah Scenics: Zion National Park

How does one attempt to capture a scene that is too large and too dramatic without having the end result look too insignificant? That was the dilemma with which I was faced during a recent trip to southern Utah. Jayne and I visited Zion National Park  on an unusually warm day where the temperature actually was in the 70’s for the last week of October!

Zion 1

Zion 2

The breathtaking beauty of the park overwhelmed me. The main road in the park is roughly six miles long and lined on either side by mountain peaks as high as 8,000-ish feet. I usually prefer to shoot intimate landscapes with my 70-200mm. I opted instead to use my 14-24mm. I used framing techniques as my approach method. By this I mean I tried to use trees in the foreground to frame the peaks.

We did a couple of short three mile hikes. The ones below were taken along the Riverside Walk , the gateway to the Narrows.

Zion 3

Zion 4

Zion 5

On the way in and out of the park, we used the tunnel route and captured these scenes.

Zion 6

Zion 7

And of course, what better way to end a perfect day at the Zion Park lodge!

Zion 8