Tool and Die: Session 4

Today’s session will feature Shipping/Receiving activities.

This part of the shop is controlled by John and actually involves two areas: shipping/receiving and a material storage area.

The storage area, as the name suggests, is where most of the product material stocks are stored. A variety of raw materials are used during the deep draw manufacturing process. Each metal has specific properties and benefits for a variety of industries served by the shop’s customers. Stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and low-carbon cold rolled steel are just a few examples.

The Shipping/Receiving area holds finished products in various staging containers.

national die 1

These products are later packaged for final delivery to the customer.

national die 2

These are then loaded by fork lift onto trucks. Sometimes, there are also semi-finished products that need to be sent out to other third party vendors for cleaning or nickel platting before these can be shipped as finished products.

national die 3

national die 4

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