Latest Travel Updates: Gas Pump Museum, Embudo, NM

During our recent trip to New Mexico, we stopped at the Gas Pump Museum  in Embudo. This nostalgic location was created by owner Johnny Meier  25 years ago. A retired scientist from the Los Alamos National Laboratory  where he worked on laser technology, Johnny’s passion for vintage gas pumps, cars, and other memorabilia can be found scattered around the grounds of his museum. This is a photographer’s paradise also because of the many abstract line, shape, and forms.

The pumps…

The Pumps1

The Pumps2

The cars…

The Cars1

The Cars2

The Cars3

Here’s a picture I took of Johnny during my first visit in 2012.

Johnny Meier, 2012

If you plan to visit, he asks that you make a donation to animal rescue.