Latest Travel Updates: Grand Canyon Revisited

With our latest return to Sedona, Jayne and I also wanted to revisit the Grand Canyon . As luck would have it, of course, the day we decided to go turned out to be rainy, cold, and overcast. In fact, as we got closer to the South Gate, the temperature continued to drop, and the rain became snow showers, enough to coat the ground of the South Rim . We got there mid afternoon and stayed till sunset, stopping at various viewing locations from the gate to the hotels at Grand Canyon Village .

Gone were the luxurious colors of the canyon and the Colorado River. Instead, fog covered the area making visibility barely tolerable and certainly not crystal clear. Murphy’s Law had struck! The photos which follow here are the result of my improvising my creative approach.

South Rim1

South Rim2

I could have left the camera in the car and shake my fist at the gods for ruining my photographic plans. Instead, I decided to chase the fog and the clouds and focus on the drama between light and dark, the infrequent breaks of sun in the far distance, and create a moody, black and white experience.

South Rim3

South Rim4

South Rim5

When Mother Nature hands you a lemon, make lemonade!