Latest Travel Updates: Jerome, AZ

Another stop Jayne and I made was to revisit an artsy town called Jerome .

However, before we drove to Jerome, we also revisited Montezuma Castle National Monument . This is an ancestral pueblo cliff dwelling near Camp Verde that was built some time after 1100 AD. It is not really a castle but rather more like “prehistoric high rise apartment complex” .


After visiting the national monument, we finally arrived in Jerome. While Jayne went off to shop, I drove to the outskirts of town to revisit the Gold King Mine . This is another of those must-shoot locations for photographers. Although there is a mine shaft there, the real prize is the “junk yard” surrounding it. This location is filled with memorabilia collected by the owner, Don Robertson . Here is a photo I took of Don back during my first visit in 2009.

Don Robertson

A myriad of old machinery, cars, trucks, tools that date back to the late 1800’s and early to mid 1900’s.

Gold Mine1

Gold Mine2

Gold Mine3

It is a wonderful photographic exercise in capturing line, shape, form and texture.

Gold Mine4

Gold Mine5

Gold Mine6