Latest Travel Updates: Our Last Hikes In Arizona

The first of our last two hikes in Arizona was to Chicken Point . Supposedly, the name is due to the Pink Jeep tour operators playing “chicken” with the cliffs edge!
Sedona Hikes1

Sedona Hikes2

After hiking out to Chicken Point, we took a side trail to Submarine Rock .
Sedona Hikes3

This location is also a favorite among mountain bikers . If you’d like more information about mountain biking, have a visit here .
Sedona Hikes4

The final hike we did was to Boynton Canyon .
Sedona Hikes5

Sedona Hikes6

Sedona Hikes7

This concludes the travelogue discussions of our final two trips in 2015. Jayne and I look forward to our 2016 adventures. Thanks for following along!
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