My Top 12 Images From 2015

I have often heard the merits of doing a personal image review of the past year in photos. This is the first time I formally went through this exercise. It has provided for me a sense of validation and confirmation.

Validation and Confirmation

In glancing through my results, I have indeed confirmed my routine and the style and approach I tend to use to create images each year. I love abstraction (the ordered use of line, shapes, form, textures), and I tend to include a sense of mystery (the use of shadowing) at times as well. There is a definite  pattern I confirmed to the methods I use to explore my creativity. Looking back over my last five or so years, this pattern is defined in the categories below.


Jayne and I usually try to take one or two trips per year. Last year was no exception. Below are some of my favorites. The first three are from Arizona.




This next one is from New Mexico.

New Mexico1

The next two are from Newport Beach, California.



Local Scenics

I also try to practice my camera technique, usually at a local nature preserve called Session Woods or just driving around the state, several times during the year, especially before I start a major project or go on a trip. Cameras are so complex these days that it becomes a challenge, especially as we get older, to remember how to use some of those settings. Practice makes perfect!





I really enjoy creating composites. These tend to be abstractions created by using two or more images I took in the past. It is also great practice to reinforce my Photoshop skills.



Project Work

I try to create at least one project a year. Last year I created my “Made In The USA” series, a photo essay tribute to quality manufacturing and pride in a small tool and die shop.


You can view this series here . You can read how I created this series here .