Humbled Again

In an earlier posting  , I mentioned how I was lucky enough to have 14 of my images selected for display in the office of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut , Denise Merrill . The display was available for September and October. As a token of my thanks, I allowed the Secretary to accept one of the 14 as a donation from me for her office. She accepted my offer enthusiastically and selected the image, titled Spirits below. She said the image portrays the site of a significant Hartford historical site, the Ancient Burying Ground , that also portrays the colors of autumn.




She also agreed to allow me to additionally show 14 images from my latest project, Made In The USA until the end of January, 2017. You can view this project here .

So, if you happen to visit the Connecticut state capitol  between now and the end of January, 2017, have a look at my art in the Secretary of State’s office. Visitors are welcome!

Enjoy life.