Palm Springs

Jayne and I visited Palm Springs , California, recently. What follows are brief impressions of the desert-like experience.


The first hike we did was exploring the Palm Canyon  at the Indian Canyons  preserve. As was typical of our desert experience, the rocky hills and mountains would give way to an incredible oasis of palm trees and California Fan Palms .


Another hike we made was in Borrego Springs  at Anza-Borrego State Park . When we entered this area we truly felt we landed on Mars, The starkness and barreness of the landscape was not like anything we had experienced before.


This park also had its version of Palm Canyon where the palm trees looked like giant carrots!


We also took the tram  to the top of the second highest peak in southern California and the Mt. San Jacinto State Park .


The views were breathtaking as we rode up and down in a rotating tram with open windows!



These were the grounds on which we stayed.


And this was the sunrise of our last morning.


Enjoy life!