Majorca 1

Recently, Jayne and I visited the Spanish island of Majorca. As is usually the case with our travels, we went off-season. This time it also happened to be the rainy season which made it a bit challenging at times to drive on the island as well as walk around. Although many of the smaller towns around the island were basically closed and deserted, this made for some excellent photography. The good news was that there were very few people on the roads or in the towns beyond the capital city of Palma.

The old city section of Palma is mostly found near the marina. There are many excellent restaurants there that serve local cuisine and local Majorcan wines which were very tasty! The city lights at night were fun to see.

majorca 1

In this first installment, I want to showcase the island landscape scenics. This first one is Torre des Verger, an old watchtower from 1579 used by sentinels to warn of Moorish pirates.

majorca 2

The remaining pictures below show the typical coastal seascapes from the mountainous side of the island along route MA10.

majorca 3

majorca 4

majorca 5

And finally, this one is from Cala Canyamel.

majorca 6

Enjoy life!