Barcelona 3

Our last stop on our Spanish visit was to the city of Girona.

Girona 1

Girona 2

Girona 3

Girona 4

Dating back to Roman times, this picturesque city is 62 miles from Barcelona and a pleasant train ride.

Girona 4a

Here is the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona. It dates back to early medieval times. The cathedral, as well as many other sights in Girona stars as Braavos, Oldtown, and Kings Landing in Game Of Thrones in Season 6.

Girona 5

This is from the Exhibition of Vestments from the Cathedral Treasury and Museum. These cloths of gold vestments date back to the 1460’s.

Girona 6

These last two are from the cathedral cloister.

Girona 7

Girona 8

So, this ends our photo visit to Spain in 2017.

Enjoy life!