Chasing The Light

With heavy heart today I announce the passing of my friend and fellow photographer, Mike Herwood.

I met Mike at work in Information Technology at a local insurance company, in 2006.


Along with another friend and fellow photographer, Vinny Rossitto, the three of us would occasionally meet in a conference room or at one of our computers. There, each of us would do a “show and tell” of our latest captured image. Whether it was a print or viewed on the screen, we would give each other artistic and technical suggestions and encouragement. Over time, this became an enthusiastic contribution to our shared passion.

Then, in March, 2012, Mike and his son, Dan, hiked the Grand Canyon. It was here Mike learned the power of the perfect light as a way to express his photographic vision. Below is my favorite image of his.


Mike and I went on several local fall foliage photo shoots, particularly to Kent Falls, CT.


Once I went with him to Lake George, a frequent destination for Mike and his family. These shoots always involved our love for hiking and chasing the best light.

Publication information can be found here.



I will miss you, Mike, but I am sure I will see you from time to time still chasing the best light…