Majorca 6

This is the final segment of our Majorcan travels. Here, we visited the southern coastline of Majorca. One of the spots we visited was a town called Colonia Sant Jordi . The surrounding countryside was very picturesque.

Colonia Sant Jordi1

The photo below was typical of the farmland countryside throughout Majorca, with fields olive, almond, and lemon tree groves. Many sheep freely roamed within these groves. It was fun to hear the bells clanging around the necks of so many sheep!

Colonia Sant Jordi2

The views from the beaches with the waves crashing on the rocky coastline made for some fun photos.

Colonia Sant Jordi3

Colonia Sant Jordi4

Our last stop was at the southern most point of Majorca called Cap de Sea Salines.

Cap de Sea Salines1

There is a lighthouse and wonderful views of the archipelago islands of the National Maritime Park of Cabrera.

Cap de Sea Salines2

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed our photo tour of Majorca!

Enjoy life!