Just Another Day

We have all taken pictures and portraits of people for a variety of reasons: for family, or vacation, for work or for play. Many times we glance at the captured image and then file it away in an album or somewhere on social media. We rarely look at it again.

But why is that? Are the captured memories too painful? Or is it that they were just recorded memories of a fleeting emotion, or perhaps out of boredom?

I try to explore this reaction with my new, ongoing series, Just Another Day. These images become the starting point, a launchpad of investigation. I try to have these go beyond the typical staged portrait of an individual captured in a moment of time. At times I use abstracted detail with a dash of color as a means of challenging the typical view of a person by trying to accentuate some aspect of that individual’s personality, or the importance of some action the person is performing. Context, as the stage for its actor, becomes more than just the setting of the story, it can also be the antagonist or protagonist within its own story. Combine the setting hints with the personality caught on its stage, and hopefully the viewer will linger a bit longer in front of each image and try to envision what came before, and what may come after.

Who we are and where we are become the universal backdrop. We all must try in solidarity to get by in this life, day to day, moment to moment. Sometimes it is boredom and sometimes it is mere existence that drives us from one moment to the next. The scales of fortune and destiny may be tipped from one extreme to the other for some folks, but we all must try to survive just another day.

You can view my new series here .

Enjoy life!