The Orsini Insanity

In December, 2011, my wife, Jayne, and I traveled back to Italy for the first time since our honeymoon in 1976. We stayed on the southern fringe of Tuscany in a village called Soriano nel Cimino. While there we explored what is considered to be the first theme park called “Monster Park”. It is located in Bomarzo.

In March, 2012 I produced a book and ebook of a series about the carved monuments at this location produced during the 1500’s. My goal was to create my interpretive version of Prince Orsini’s flight into insanity after the death of his beloved wife, Giulia. Recently, I decided to update this series with more images and a different sequence and a different image treatment.

Sometimes, as we acquire better artistic skills, previously produced projects can offer additional opportunities to expand and refine the original work produced. In this case, the concept and statement remain the same.

So, here is a look at “The Orsini Insanity” 2.0.

The book can be found here.

The ebook can be found here.

Enjoy life!