Black And White, Or Color?

This age-old question has been around for years since the introduction of color into photography. Which is better: the black and white version of an image, or the color version?

If the artist has done a good enough job of presenting an image that uniquely and decisively portrays some aspect to wanting to share his image with his viewer, several issues become evaluation points to be considered.

What is the image about? Line, shape, form, texture? Is your attraction to the image based more on the abstraction than the content? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then black and white might be your best choice of image expression.

Consider also that color can often become a distraction to the overall meaning of an image. Or does color enhance a certain aspect of the image drawing more attention to the image’s meaning? If you answer yes here, then perhaps color is the best rendition of expression to use.

Recently, I put together two image galleries of my photos that best portray my feelings toward the southwestern part of the United States. Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona are all represented within these galleries. However, you will find some of the same captures represented in both galleries. Take a look at these and decide for yourself your preference! Leave me a comment of your thoughts!

Black And White Gallery

Color Gallery