More Books!

To accompany the release of my latest project series, Just Another Day, I am excited to be offering my newest softcover book and ebook for sale! Below is a summary of my project… Aside from life’s extremes, most of our lives are pretty mundane: another job to do; another game to play; another boring day to […]

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Great Mosque, Córdoba, Spain

My Latest Book: Moorish Influences

Our recent travels through the southern Spanish province of Andalusia produced a wide variety of colorful and unique photo opportunities. My blog series, The Andalusian Chronicles, found on this site, showcases a few of these images. As a result, I have published a new book based on my latest project. My project is a simple […]

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Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

My new book: Arrangements

The ingenious design of the Sydney Opera House by architect Jorn Utzon has been the creative source of inspiration for many artists since it was opened to the public in 1973. My wife and I toured this world-class marvel in 2010. Like many artists before me, I, too, have been inspired creatively by this World […]

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