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Imagine…The Colonial Ways

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Imagine...The Colonial Ways
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For those of you who wish to read something about this project, my statement is available below.

Too many people today are losing sight of the value to history. Mindless memorization of historical facts ignores the understanding and empathy that can and should be learned to enhance and enrich our own daily lives. If nothing else, we might even take some measure of solace in knowing that we were not the first to deal with something: looming war, feeding a family, keeping them safe and healthy…

I have always been fascinated by history. Whenever I travel to a historic location, I take a moment and close my eyes, and try visualize what life must have been like for the people who may have occupied this particular scene. What were their thoughts, concerns, fears at that moment in time? How did that affect the task at hand? What sounds might they have heard in that scene? What odors were present? Did they taste or feel anything there? My purpose for my images here is to help you answer some of these questions.

I would also like to pay tribute to the many colonial characters and workers at these recreated scenes and locations. These knowledgeable people are dedicated to historical accuracy. They passionately make even minute details of a simple task come to life, often through their ability to create analogies to what we may take for granted today. Ask them!

As we casually stroll through a historic location, it is often easy to become distracted by the informative but superficial placards and arranged props designed to be brief. Maximize is often the word of the day as we try to cover as many exhibits as possible in the allotted time we can spare, before we go off in search of the perfect meal, or the perfect beverage.

But, slow down. Close your eyes. Take a deep cleansing breath, and try to imagine what it must have been like to live at that Colonial moment in time.

Most of these images were shot in Virginia; others from around New England.