Mallorca Statement


The majority of the images presented here require a more intimate exploration of the location. This particular gallery is devoted to Mallorca, Spain. My goal is not to present a definitive study of this island, but rather to provide hopefully a limited, tantalizing glimpse of only a small, subset of locations to peak your interest! You will find that these images are not just your typical iconic scenes, but also contain some rather different ones as well.

When my wife and I visited the island off the southern coast of Spain, near Barcelona, it was during the end of January, 2017, not exactly the best time of year to showcase what the island has to offer. But we rather enjoyed the ability to freely move wherever we wanted on the island with very few tourists. Although many of the shops were closed for the season, having a car at our disposal allowed us to explore parts of the island that may have been difficult with so many tourists on the roads during the peak season.

I chose many of these pictures as abstract, intimate versions of elements within some local scene. My attempt here is not to portray a travelogue. Rather, these are quiet images that you may not have noticed as you hike, walk, or travel throughout this scenic getaway.

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