Levels Of Viewing Participation

Let’s face it. Our daily lives are busy and often overwhelmed by the myriad of choices we are forced to make. Exploring art is supposed to be a pleasant, non-stressful, life enrichment reward. Even so, choices need to be made with this activity.

Time and effort often determines the level of viewing participation. How do you wish to experience my artistic visions within this website? With what level of commitment experience do you feel most comfortable?

Below is a listing of possible levels of viewing participation and costs associated.

  • On-line galleries, blog entries, series essays (Free, and quickest and easiest way to explore my vision)
  • Free downloadable ebooks (Free, and may require time to explore my vision)
  • Hard and soft covered books (Requires financial commitment, and may require time to explore my vision)
  • Prints (Requires financial commitment, and may be the most rewarding way to explore my vision)

The choice is yours.

Enjoy life!