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Wild In The Hole Statement

Wild In The Hole

Jayne and I traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for an off-season getaway to photograph the Spring wildlife migrations in Grand Teton National Park.

During this trip, we were blessed to experience wildlife like we never had seen before. We had seen some “wild” life in our travels over the years, but nothing for us compared to what we experienced in Jackson Hole. This truly is a special, wild place, and one of the last remaining places of its kind in the country. As a result, I put together this book in an attempt to convey my feeling of awe. In addition to the legendary scenery of the Grand Tetons, I also tried to include a variety of the amazing animals and birds we saw.

When Jayne and I arrived in Jackson Hole at the beginning of April, we discovered, much to our dismay, that most of the park roads leading into Grand Teton National Park, as well as Yellowstone, were closed for the annual maintenance. I expected Yellowstone and the main Grand Teton access to be closed, but the minor access points were closed  as well. We had planned on doing some hiking in an attempt to get off the beaten path and explore some wildlife on our own. Instead, we were forced to rely upon the research I had done prior to the trip. I had mapped out the locations I wanted to explore in terms of landscapes and wildlife. Once we arrived there, the first thing we did was stop at the Visitor Center. The knowledgeable and helpful staff gave us excellent location suggestions as well as maps to get us there. Sometimes it is good to have  Plan B!

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