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Gazing At Glazings, Statement

Gazing At Glazings

We take windows for granted, don’t we? After all, aren’t they just architectural elements of design? They are portals which allow light, air, and sound to pass through. But, they can also be gateways into history with a sense of mystery.

What events have they witnessed? Were they also participants?

Do they open inward? What did they let inside?

Do they open outward? What did they release outside?

Or, are they simply closed, reflecting back what they have seen, creating a barrier between the outer worlds and the inner worlds?

And what personality of the occupants might be showcased by any window dressing adornments? If none are used, what can we speculate about that?

These window images were taken while traveling through eight countries: Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United States.

So. Lots of questions with no wrong answers.

What else can windows be?

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