Puglia: Intro

Jayne and I recently returned from the region of Puglia , located in the stiletto boot heel of Southern Italy. The neat thing about this region is that it is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east, and the Ionian Sea to the west. This area is dead flat and not known as a popular […]

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Balloon Fest, Plainville, Connecticut


Recently, I decided I would get up early and do something I have always wanted to try: photographing an early morning balloon launch. This was part of the annual Plainville Balloon Festival fundraiser for the Plainville Volunteer fire department . I arrived well before the balloonists started setting up, but already people were there, as well […]

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As part of my 2016 plan to get out and market my art more aggressively, I approached the Hartford Arts Council for submission rules. While there, I was able to speak with one of their coordinators about the submission application timelines. As I was about to leave, the coordinator told me of an opportunity to […]

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The Wedge 2 At Newport Beach, California


In the Editor’s Comments to LensWork issue #125 , Brooks Jensen made some interesting observations I want to share. Pursuit of the unique becomes so seductive that we can easily be misled into thinking that uniqueness itself is the route to artistic virtue. What a great quote and an easy trap into which to fall.  As […]

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Paris, France

Parisian Impressions

As a final look at our recent trip to Paris, I have put together a gallery of black and white impressions that I feel best summarize our experience. There is nothing more important than family, and to have ours accompany us was a special treat with memories that will last a lifetime. From an artistic […]

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