Corona Virus Got You Bored?

Now that most of us are doing our “social distancing” thing to help fight the Corona virus, here is a way to help pass those long hours with nothing to do. How about putting together a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle of one of my scenic photos? Pictured below are two available products I am […]

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Black And White, Or Color?

This age-old question has been around for years since the introduction of color into photography. Which is better: the black and white version of an image, or the color version? If the artist has done a good enough job of presenting an image that uniquely and decisively portrays some aspect to wanting to share his […]

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Pollenca, Majorca, Spain


So. You consider yourself a good photographer, right? And maybe you even have some great  photos that are technically perfect and creatively eye-catching. You have worked hard over the years perfecting your craft, honing your artistic eye, and paying your dues to establish your art. We will assume here, for argument purposes, that you also […]

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Coastal Majorca, Majorca, Spain

Digital Marketing Strategy

Recently, I listened to a Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork  magazine, podcast called Glaring Oversight. You might be able to listen to it here.  It started me thinking. What is my digital marketing strategy? You may recall that I developed a general marketing plan for my art. You can read about it here. But I […]

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Product Movie Photography

As part of my recent product photography work, my client asked me to produce a machine video which showcases the various processes their shop offers their potential customers. Again, this was something I had never done before. I was up to the challenge to get a taste of what is required. The project was small […]

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