Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba 3, Cordoba, Spain


I have recently become a little disappointed with the noise removal capability provided in Photoshop, NIK software Define, and Lightroom. So when a friend recommended that I try the Noiseware plugin software, I decided to give it a try. Wow! Was I amazed! The interface is a bit complex, but with a little patience and […]

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Humbled and honored again…

I have been on a roll lately in my attempt to share my artistic work with more viewers, part of the usual marketing process in which many artists across all mediums choose to participate. One of my “bucket list” items was to be published in what I consider to be one of the most prestigious […]

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Exploring Creativity In Other Media

You may recall in a previous posting of mine how I had discussed my involvement in local community theater. I did this for several reasons, one of which was to once again leave my comfort zone and explore how another medium approaches creativity to produce its finished product. As I write this, we have one […]

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Travelers Tower, Hartford, Connecticut

Another Milestone

This article marks the ten year anniversary of the start of my photo artistry rebirth. In 2004, I decided to get serious about my photography and bought a new camera, a Canon EOS 20D . As a result, by July, 2005, I started writing a blog in order to help me remember what I was learning. […]

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Exploring Creativity

The best learning for me often takes place when I force myself out of my comfort zone. Trying a new technique or placing myself into some challenging situation forces me to commit my learning and focuses my concentration. Some examples I have done in the past are: taking pictures for a local museum event, taking […]

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