Near Granada, Spain

Andalusian Dreams

Our recent travels through the southern Spanish province of Andalusia produced a wide variety of colorful and unique photo opportunities. My blog series, The Andalusian Chronicles, found on this site, showcases a few of these images. As a result, I decided to create a separate image gallery under my Artist/Photography menu called Andalusian Dreams. As […]

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Great Mosque, Córdoba, Spain

New Series: Moorish Influences

As a result of our recent travels in southern Spain, I am proud to announce the release to my website of a new black and white series, entitled “Moorish Influences.” My goal with the new series is simply to celebrate the beauty of the architecture left behind by the Moors during their centuries of occupation […]

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The Andalusian Chronicles: Ronda

Jayne and I drove to our final Spanish destination, the hill top town of Ronda . To get there, Jayne drove, due to my problem with heights, the 20 kilometers of switchbacks up 750 meters above sea level. We originally were going to tour the Rock of Gibraltar, but local guides and the hotel agreed that […]

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The Andalusian Chronicles: Seville

Our next stop was the capital and largest city in the Spanish provence of Andalusia: Seville . Here we toured two more of the UNESCO Wold Heritage sites . The first site we toured was the third largest church in the world, the Seville Cathedral . We were able to see why this church is the third largest […]

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The Andalusian Chronicles: Malaga

Day 4 started low key as we slept in and tried to recharge our energy. My back finally gave out, fortunately at the end of yesterday’s tour. So today we decided to stay in the area around our timeshare. The first place we toured was just three kilometers from the timeshare, Benalmadena Pueblo . Here is […]

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