Oakland Papermill, Manchester, CT

More Showings

I recently received word that two of my images were selected to be hung in the “Contaminated Landscape 2014” show at PhotoSynthesis, here in Connecticut. Here are the two images:

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A long and winding road

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I suffered through some compression fractures of my spine in December and February. Both were caused by something as simple as moving the snowblower in my garage. Little did I know that I have osteoporosis of the spine. As time went on, so did […]

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Another Interesting Read

Talk to any serious photographer about equipment and you will get the same moans and groans about what the major manufacturers are doing and not doing to the industry. Michael Reichmann has written an interesting article Why the camera industry is in the dumper and what can be done about it. In this article he […]

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming


While waiting for my back to heal, and during one of my lucid moments between pain episodes, I discovered a cool way for me pass some time. I decided to convert one of my favorite Jackson Hole images, the one below, into a thousand piece puzzle! This accomplishes several things for me. It passes the […]

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I have been struggling with back problems since the week before Christmas. At that time, when attempting to maneuver my snowblower, I heard a loud pop coming from the side of my back. As painful as it was, over the next three weeks it did start to get better. But I felt my back muscles […]

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