Sometimes, you need to take a break from project work and just let your creative eyes to have some unstructured fun. This serves to re-kindle the basic joy in discovery photography. The goal here is to react and connect with a new location in a very low-key, emotional way. During a recent trip to Lowell, […]

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During a recent visit to Mystic Seaport, I re-kindled my joy of viewing history and pretending to be in that historical moment as Jayne and I walked around. I was not expecting to do much other than record some history. It was a hot summer day and I handheld my camera which made for some […]

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Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia


Below is the artist statement for my latest series, “Arrangements”. The ingenious design of the Sydney Opera House by architect Jorn Utzon has been the creative source of inspiration for many artists since it was opened to the public in 1973. My wife and I toured this world-class marvel in 2010. Many complex instrumental arrangements […]

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Session Woods, Burlington, Connecticut

Lightroom 5 is now available!

I just finished my local upgrade downloading, converting, and installing Lightroom 5. By far the coolest features for me are the new healing brush and radial filter. The healing brush is a separate tab, like the clone brush, under the Spot Removal tool. It works similarly like it does in Photoshop. The difference is that […]

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Lake Tahoe, California


In an effort to improve the quality of my work, both recent and past, I have re-evaluated my image choices in most of the galleries within my portfolio. What that means is I have dropped some images, and also an entire gallery, which I no longer consider strong enough to be showcased on this site. […]

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